When filling in the initial transportation contract, parents must indicate the permanent address where the child must be picked up and dropped off. Whenever students that use the transportation service need to go places different from the permanent address, parents must fill out the form for a One-Day Bus/Gate Request Form (see below) and send it with their child to the school office before mid-day.

Students will be authorized to change their destination for the day depending on bus space availability and if so will be issued the required pass.

The school does not provide bus service for private parties or social events.

Permanent Bus and Gate Passes are issued by the respective school's office using the Permanent Gate/Bus format.

Transportation Tickets
The school will offer transportation tickets at $10,000 per trip (available at the Transportation Office) to students who do not use the transportation service or who have the ‘half service option’ and require transportation or routes other than their own. The bus monitors keep a current list of the users for proper control.
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