The Technology Department at CNG strives to support the school’s mission by providing technology resources and tools meant to enable students to develop the necessary skills to become independent learners in an ever-evolving technological world. The technology department aides teachers in the effective use and integration of technologies in teaching, supports students in their learning process, and helps create an engaging and motivating classroom environment.


Our goal is to get CNG to a point where technology seamlessly integrates into daily activities, providing efficiency, improving communications and engaging students in learning in a true 21st century environment.

CNG Technology integration site
Our Four areas focus for continuous improvement are:

We strive to provide excellent technology tools and services to support teaching and learning environments that prepare students to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Technology Integration

The technology department works to integrate innovative technologies that support students’ active engagement in the classroom and that bring measurable results in student learning.

Technology Curriculum

Provide a fundamental understanding of computer science so that they are not only educated users of technology but also innovators in this area.

Information Systems

We work to provide the CNG community with excellent Information Systems in order to positively capture, manage, analyze and deliver data.