SWAS - Service With A Smile

Advisors: Marela Camos, Rosalba de Figueroa

CNG High School SWAS Bylaws

The Social Service Leadership Organization is composed of students from 9 to 12 who have demonstrated an excellent and committed work in social service and who are leading projects as an example of leadership, service, integrity, and solidarity. 

Mission Statement
To prepare students, to become Social Working Leaders into the local and global community, 
Providing students with a possibility to engage personal growth, by helping communities without any material reward in return. These Students will exemplify and promote integrity, solidarity and leadership at Colegio Nueva Granada, bringing innovative ways to serve the community. 
“However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?” - Buddha
“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that you can sincerely try to help another without helping yourself.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Vision 
Preparing young minds to become Social Working Leaders, through experiential learning and community building, in a local and global context.

All members of the Social Service Leadership Organization must consistently demonstrate leadership through their involvement in social service projects.  Members will support the school’s social service program and plan their own programs with the support of the organization. The group will participate in activities together as well as provide service opportunities for other high school students.  In order to promote social service even further, any student outside the Social Service Leadership Organization is welcome to propose social service initiatives to the organization.  If these initiatives are approved, the student will gain full support from the organization in furthering their plan.  

The organization will have three officers: President, Secretary and Communicator, as well Head of Blocks which are to be committed to work with the different organizations. Elections for officers will take place at the end of the school year. 

The advisory of the Social Service Leadership Organization will be the school’s Social Service Coordinators. 

Application Process:
1. Application requirements:
  a. Have a GPA of at least 2.0 (Mrs.Kaun eliminate the requirement)
  b. Applicants in grade 9 should have completed at least 20 social service hours by the end of the first semester. They will be able to apply in the second semester.
  c. Applicants in grade 10 should have completed at least 40 social service hours by the end of grade 9. 
  d. Applicants in grade 11 should have completed at least 60 social service hours by the end of grade 10.
  e. Applicants in grade 12 should have completed at least 100 social service hours by the end of grade 11.
2. The application shall include the following:
  a. A personal statement about the applicant’s interest in helping others and integration with others. 
  b. A recommendation regarding the student’s ethics and social commitment. 
  c. An interview with the members of the committee. (Conditional)
3. Applications will be considered in August.
4. The Members with at least one year of experience will be able to apply for any executive council position. 

Executive Branch:

The co-presidents of the organization will:
1. Supervise the work done by other officers & heads of block.
2. Work with the officers in the various areas to promote Social Service.
3. Create the Agenda for the different meetings that will be held.
4. Promote Solidarity and Community Building at the school’s Campus.
5. Organize Activities so the High-School Students are engaged with the Social Service Program

The co-presidents has to have over 140 hours of social service and have at least one year of experience in the SWAS organization.

Head of Blocks
The head of block will present at every meeting their progress with their designated organization. In their duties they will:

1. Contact the organization they will work with.
2. Coordinate activities with the organization.
3. Create activities bearing in mind integration with the members of the organizations.
4. Organize fundraisers for their organization.
5. Create lists for students to become part of the activities. 

The secretary will make records of the meetings. He/She will take notes and take the attendance  of each meeting. He/She will be in charge of informing the organization with any updates. 

The communicator will be in charge of promoting, through creative and innovative ways, the events made by the organization. They will also promote integration and the required community service in the school. 
The Social Service Leadership Organization will have two mandatory meetings every month. Heads of Block will present the work being done in cooperation with the different organization the school works with. Then the members will present with ideas of how to promote Social Service in school, and bring any innovative ideas for the Social Service Sites in the school. 

1. With three unexcused absences the student is given a warning. If more, the student’s membership is put on probation.
2. If a member is suspended from school, his or her membership will be put on probation.
3. In severe cases of unethical behavior, the student will be removed from the group.

**Bylaws should be voted on by all members at the beginning of the year and amended if necessary. Revisions will be approved with a simple majority.

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