Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada

The Colegio Fundacion Nueva Granada was founded on February 29th, 2000 by the CNG community as a part of our social commitment program. It is a non-profit institution proposed as a way to provide a wide array of opportunities to children that live close to CNG but have less favorable conditions and cannot afford to attend CNG as students. The school is located on the southern corner of CNG’s campus and strives to provide a full technical high school education with emphasis in English for any student who is willing to learn. Via nutritional support, developmental workshops for parents, afterschool enrichment programs, medical (including dental and psychological) care for students and their families, and a specialized center for the diagnosis and treatment for any learning disabilities, the CFNG intends to be a platform for its students; allowing them to work hard to build their own future and giving them a helping hand wherever it might be needed.

In 2014, the CFNG graduated its first senior class.  

The Hogar, as many members of the community fondly refer to it, has provided an opportunity for CNG students to actively engage with the school’s surrounding community and it has created an environment of acceptance and growth for both CNG students and CFNG students.

Direct involvement by the CNG community

  1. Volunteer parents spend countless hours working for the continued success of the Hogar.

  2. Our students contribute to the education of the children enrolled there, while at the same time deepening their own sense of responsibility.

  3. Many of our teachers, counselors and professional staff help in the development of teaching materials, curriculum, teacher training and evaluation processes at the CFNG.

  4. The “Plan Padrino” allows CNG parents to sponsor a CFNG student by assuming certain costs in their education. More information below.

Hogar Nueva Granada

Cra. 2 Este # 67 - 50, Portería 4

Tel: (+571) 3472469 / (+571) 3460290


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