We strive to promote a strong integrated community through constant communication and the creation of various school activities that enrich our school community.These activities have become vital to the CNG community and are planned and carried out constantly by our Board of Directors along with our many volunteers.

Our Membership proceeds and fundraising activities allow us to allocate funds to support our children's education and overall school experience.

Our activities and contributions to the community include:

  • Welcome Breakfast for New Families in August and January

The PTA organizes and carries out a welcome breakfast for new families in August and January every school year. The goal is to introduce new families to all the activities we carry out throughout the year and let them know how can they join the PTA. For the new families’ benefit a short introduction to all CNG staff also takes place in this breakfast.

  • Halloween and Christmas School Decorations

During both holiday seasons, the PTA is in charge of decorating the main entrance and corridors of the school so that the students fill the spirit of the month. Recently we have started inviting the CNG community to join in this decoration effort by conducting the Halloween Window Painting Contest. On the day of the contest there is food and entertainment provided on campus and all families are invited to participate for varied prizes by decorating a window with the holiday in mind.

  • Christmas Gifts for General Services and Staff

Christmas gifts are given to all the people who are part of general services as well to the CNG staff each year as a token of gratitude for their hard work and collaboration throughout the school year.

  • Conferences and Project Support for Primary, Elementary, Middle and High School
    The PTA looks for quality speakers that may come throughout the school year to dictate open conferences to the CNG communities about a wide array of interesting topics.

  • CNG Runs for Life

This race across the CNG campus is equal parts exhilarating and challenging. All students and parents are encouraged to participate in what is a fun morning and an integration event as well as a fundraiser.  

  • CNG Bazaar

The CNG Bazaar takes place every two years and works as a fundraiser for the rest of the events that take place throughout the year as well as an event to integrate the CNG community. The goal is to make the Bazaar a family day where members of the community find food, games, live music, a wide range of attractions, and many other activities including a small fair where any member of the community may apply run their own stand.

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