Fiddler on the Roof

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"A Fiddler on the roof... sounds crazy, no? And how do we stay up there and keep our balance? I'll tell you in one word: … Tradition!" The first line of this precious musical perfectly defines the journey of this moment. And what is the strongest tradition in our community? In a word, COMMITMENT!
In the drama department we want to continue our tradition, doing what we love: PERFORMING, regardless of the circumstances, problems, or the format. 
We honor all the people of our community, especially those students who have continued in the process of working on the musical. We also wish to recognize each CNG staff member, who even during these difficult times, maintains a positive spirit and holds the balance through service to and in each of their areas. 
And as this musical closes: "Come on children, let's go!" We will not stop. Enjoy!

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