Matriculation 2019-2020

 Audiometry and Optometry Tests on CAMPUS for Matriculation 2019-2020


Dear Families, 

The matriculation season is approaching and we have good news! Once again CNG has partnered with  ICAL in order to offer audiometry and optometry tests (CO$35,000 each) within school premises. Students entering K4K51st3rd6th and 9th grades need to submit these tests (administered within the last year, as of May 2018) as part of the matriculation requirements. 


If you wish to get your child tested at CNG, you may click HERE to sign up from March 26th through April 12th (exception: students NOT currently matriculated and in class at CNG). You will also find the link in the NOW section of the school's website and under the admissions section under "Matriculation". If your child gets tested at CNG you will NOT need to upload the tests into Skyward. The records will be made available to the infirmary directly. You will need to include your child's ID type and number and your child's six digit school ID (ex. 423801) when you sign up.


Should you have any questions, you may contact ICAL at, Matriculas at, or the Infirmary at

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