Over the course of three years Middle School students experience immense physical, cognitive and social changes. They also learn the habits and patterns that persist throughout life. Middle School Students are also becoming responsible for their own behavior and choices in a way that is unique to their age group. The Middle School Discipline approach takes these developmental realities and changes into account and seeks to encourage positive behavior, hold students accountable for negative behavior and address school environment issues. We seek to walk the line between providing opportunities for increased freedom of choice and increased structure and limits that students need.

The Middle School’s approach to discipline starts in the classrooms. All teachers give students a Conduct or Discipline Grade that includes tardiness, compliance with school rules, dress code violations and behavior. Teachers are asked to communicate with parents for classroom issues since the teacher home connection is critical in educating our students. In the event that teachers need support with student behavior they involve the Associate Principal by filling a referral through our student information system Skyward.
Once a student has come to the attention of the Administration through a student referral the concept of progressive discipline is implemented. The goal is to clearly communicate to students with negative behaviors that these behaviors must not continue. If a student continually presents behaviors that negatively impact the community the consequences will be escalated continuously.  

More specific details on Discipline in the Middle School may be found in CNG’s Code Of Honor.

The vast majority of bullying reports in Middle School are in fact student conflicts that do not indicate bullying. For the purposes of our disciplinary approach bullying is defined as the following:

Unwanted, aggressive behavior that is harmful and unpleasant to the student being bullied. For a problem to be considered bullying there needs to be both a power imbalance between the students involved and the problem must be part of a recurring pattern of events or behavior.

Conflict between students is a normal and expected part of middle school life and teaches students important life lessons; however,  bullying is considered a “grave” offense at CNG and the Middle School Office follows up on any and all allegations of bullying with all involved students.

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