Some Reminders...

PTA Bazaar

Please mark your calendars: The PTA Bazaar was moved from March 9th to March 2nd. We hope you can all join us.

Staff Responses to Parent Contact

Please understand that, if you contact staff members on the weekend or in the evenings after school is out, we ask them to respond during the next school day. Staff are busy with individual and family events during non-school hours. We ask staff to respond to e-mails or text messages by the end of the next business day. Thank you for your understanding.


We have had some questions about why we have resumed the homework policy in Primary School. While it is true that there is some research that shows homework in the Primary grades does not necessarily lead to improved learning, we believe that homework can provide a communication for parents about what children are working on in school, offer an opportunity to build a sense of responsibility, and furnish another chance to practice an important skill or concept. We had many parent requests to return to the Board approved CNG homework policy. These are the reasons we have resumed the homework policy. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact Liz Knox or Paula Perez.

Smart Watches and Cell Phones

We strongly encourage our Primary School students not to bring smart watches or cell phones to school. If they do, please make sure to remind them they need to stay in their backpack throughout the school day and in the bus. They are not allowed to take them out. If children need to contact parents during the school day, they should ask the teacher for permission to come to the office to use the office phone. Thanks for your understanding.

Toys at school

We would like to remind you that children are not allowed to bring toys to school unless there is a special activity. If they bring them they need to stay inside their backpack at all times.

Gate Passes

When you send a Gate Pass for your child please make sure to let the office know if they are leaving through the upper gate or the lower gate.

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