Parents' Guide to Online Safety

Thank you for taking time to attend our presentation about keeping our children safe while using mobile devices and social media.  It was nice to see you all and there was some great discussion afterward.

Along with sharing the slides from the presentation we would like to share more resources for supporting mobile and social media safety with your children.  

After hearing the request from many of you, we will be offering a “parent playground” session in the near future.  This will be a hands-on opportunity to bring your devices and learn about security and privacy settings, filtering, and other key information for keeping your children safe and healthy online.  Stay tuned for the specific date, time, and place for this session.

Again, thank you for partnering with us to keep our children safe and healthy as they begin to use mobile technology and social media more and more.  Please contact us whenever you have any questions, concerns, or anything else we need to know about to work better together.


You can watch the recording of this session simply by visiting the following link:

Thank you for partnering with us to keep our children safe using mobile technology and social media.  

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