Welcome CNG Middle School families!


The middle school years are among the most important and formative years of children’s lives.  Every member of the CNG Middle School team is committed to providing the very best academic, physical, and character education for each student.  For 2016-17 we maintain a strong and diverse academic program as well as expanded opportunities to explore interests through arts, technology, languages, and more elective classes.


Although students are beginning to develop more and more independence, parent involvement remains an essential ingredient for student success.  Please take the time each week to stay informed via e-mail by reading the CNG Mail 2 Parents.  We will regularly announce meetings, seminars, and other opportunities for parent involvement – the more parents stay involved and supportive, the more students benefit.


Please contact our office any time we can help with anything:

Main office phone: 212-3511 ext. 151

Principal, Matt Horne: mhorne@cng.edu 

Associate Principal, Michael Gohde: mgohde@cng.edu 

Counselor, Karen Hansen: khansen@cng.edu 

Counselor, Lina Maria Lopez: llopez@cng.edu 

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