1. Is there space available for my child/ren at CNG?

About 25 % of our student population is international. Many international families arrive and leave school during the school year. This is why we have rolling admissions. We offer admissions testing on most Mondays and Thursdays during the school year. Tests and interviews are done by appointment only. Having said that, we are not able to confirm space availability until we have all of the required admissions documents and the admissions testing done. After having this, we can have an admissions response by the committee in writing to the parents email address. If you are a family currently living in Bogota, you are considered a Local Transfer. We offer admissions testing appointments for local transfers on most Mondays and Thursdays between the first week of April and the first week of June. All students, without exception, must complete CNG’s testing and interview requirements.

2. What level of English does my child need to have?

Except for K4, all entering students must demonstrate a school-determined acceptable level of English. Students who enter K4, begin a full English immersion program. From K5 to 12th grade, all classes are taught in English except for Español and Colombian Sociales.

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