• MS Fashion Design

    Using themes from the Met Gala, we strive to encourage our students to learn about the history of fashion design and basic sewing techniques. Students will design a garment from scratch and take it home along with their workbook.  

    Sewing Creations: Knitting & Weaving
    Students will strengthen their sewing abilities through practice in knitting and loom weaving. Their creativity will be developed as they work to create their own color patterns and shapes using thread and different types of yarn.
    Music Ensemble
    This program is meant to enrich students’ understanding of different musical layers and their interactions in a song. Every band is an ensemble, and any ensemble means teamwork. Students will reinforce and improve skills by working and playing together.
    Sewing Creations: Handbags & Stuffed
    Students develop fine motor skills through different textile techniques such as sewing and painting cloth. They will have the chance to design and fully create their own handbags, stuffed animals, and more.
    3D printing Art
    Students design and build anything they dream of.
    Level 1: Learn about dimensions, scales and depth with 3D pens & printers.
    Level 2: Design and 3D print with TinkerCad and SketchUp.
    Level 3: Print any object adding circuits & leds with Arduino.
    Art Workshop
    Provides a space for students to explore artistic techniques and materials as they develop creativity and manual dexterity.
    Students develop concentration, flexibility, coordination, and musical rhythm training. Students are encouraged to internalize movement and technical steps until they become automatic and develop muscular strength.
    Fashion Design

    Students will develop basic fashion design skills from choosing color schemes to stamping and dying fabric. They will learn to measure , cut and put together a basic skirt and dress, and they will apply all their acquired knowledge in a final runway project.

  • Illustration & Modeling
    Students will spend time creating their own characters and sculpting them in clay. The workshop develops fine motor skills as well as creativity, tool management skills, and knowledge about different materials all through fun.

    Students in primary will learn to use different materials to create jewelry as students in elementary explore the use of resin for their own designs. Fine motor skills are reinforced, and a sense of personal aesthetic may be cultivated.

    Work on the technical aspects to dominate the bike in different terrains and situations. Develop skills to progress into mountain bike. Bike and required protective gear must be provided by each student.
    Play Dough Workshop
    Students explore their imaginations as they develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, hand strength, agility, and basic sculpting notions.
    Coding & Video Games Design Level 1
    Coding is a current form of literacy in the digital age quite useful for students to develop a complete understanding of logic, thinking, and problem solving skills while learning how to program different devices and design their own basic video-games.  This level is offered to new coding students only.
    Coding & Video Games Design 2.0
    Coding 2.0 is the continuation of coding level 1.  At this level students will enhance their prior programming skills with Game Design and explore the basics of more complex apps and digital design.  Students need to complete level 1 before enrollment in this level.
    Coding and Web Design 3.0

    Students explore more complex challenges in diverse coding platforms an learn how to create their own website through a tool offered by Google with educational purposes. Students need to complete level 2.0 before enrollment in this level.

    Students will learn how to program and fly a drone, developing thinking and digital understanding.
    Level 1. Basic movements and learning computational thinking.
    Level 2. Ability to solve challenges coding the drone.