Welcome to the Admissions section of our website, we thank you for your interest in our school. Whether you are applying with your child to K4 or you are moving to Bogota from somewhere else, we are committed to helping families make the best school choice for their children, while at the same time providing an admissions process that is both streamlined and simple. Our admissions process is guided by an Admissions Philosophy which can be found at the bottom of this page. We invite you to read it for detailed information on policies and procedures.

Because we have a diverse population, we have developed different processes tailored for each group. Please read carefully to make sure you follow the correct process for your family.

Our first group is for international students and we receive applications year-round. Please visit this section if you are coming from abroad or from another city in Colombia.

Our second group is for K4/K5 applications – Bogota residents only, is for families that are already residing in Bogota and have K4/K5 age children. Families interested in K4/K5 that are not yet living in Bogota should not follow this process, but rather the international applications process.

Our last group is for those students that are Bogota residents and are looking to change schools.

Our Admissions Team is experienced in transitions, knowledgeable about the school and understanding of each family’s situation. Please feel free to contact us during the admissions process, we will be happy to help.

Dates and deadlines
Laura de Brigard
Admissions Director
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