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CNG History

The CNG story has always been one of continual innovation and progressive thinking after our founding in 1938 by an international group of visionary people coming together and building a better future for others. This same spirit continues to drive us forward in our quest to provide students with a 21st-century holistic education focused on our Vision Statement of “Educating the Mind, Strengthening the Body, and Developing Character for Leadership and Service in the World of Today for a Better Tomorrow.” Our student body comes from over 50 countries, and they participate in a robust, college-preparatory program with curricular components based on the highest standards from the United States and Colombia. Over 98% of our graduates attend highly competitive universities in the U.S., UK, Colombia, and multiple countries around the world.

CNG students enjoy a family-like atmosphere with a diverse group of 1700 peers and 350 teachers with international experience in more than 75 different countries. They also fully engage in an energetic and deeply caring learning environment committed to providing a personalized educational experience of academic and social excellence for each child.  We promote high performance through a well-rounded, differentiated curriculum using research-based teaching methodologies, innovative technology, and strong partnerships between teachers, students, and parents.  CNG educators and support staff believe every child has the maximum potential to achieve high-level academic and personal goals. Our students consistently demonstrate industry-leading academic achievement on international standardized tests based upon a robust core academic program. Additionally, we make it a priority to ensure that every student has a caring adult at school to advocate and support their individualized learning journey.

With a school mission focused on helping all students achieve their individual potential for excellence, beyond the regular college-preparatory program, CNG has distinguished itself among international schools by offering the most comprehensive Gifted-and-Talented program as well as learning-support program available in Latin America. As a result of our G&T as well as Learning Center programs, CNG provides the most inclusive and comprehensive educational program among international schools worldwide. From a range of 26 Advanced Placement courses to support services in reading, physical therapy, speech and language, and even resource room support, the school serves all members of our international families who join us from six different continents. As clear evidence of the quality of our programs, in the school’s most recent re-accreditation by AdvancED/Cognia, the largest accrediting agency in the world, CNG received the highest “Index of Educational Quality” in all of Latin America. The school also has over a decade of ISO certification to enhance our quality management systems across all areas.

Looking toward the future, although 15 international organizations recognize CNG as a flagship educational leader in Latin America, we continue to purse innovations in education. Despite this extensive external recognition, our school actively seeks new horizons. As our newest initiative, Project 2025, CNG already begun in partnership with Stanford University’s along with the consortium of NuVuX and MIT’s Design Lab to propel our programs and educational services to the next level in preparing our students for 21st-century leadership, service, and an even brighter future.

As a complement to our academic programs, CNG also has a wide breadth of sports and activities for students of all ages. For the younger children, Condor Activities provide students with exciting opportunities to learn and develop interests outside the classroom. Areas of focus include performing and visual arts, physical education, science, technology, and more. With over 25 different classes taught by over 60 experienced instructors, we strive to provide co-curricular activities for all students and their varied interests.  Additionally, the Department of Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities helps extend the mission and vision of CNG beyond the four walls of the classroom. With multiple city and national championships as part of our history, beyond the pursuit of competitive success, we also believe in sport as a vehicle for educating the mind and developing character, so our student-athletes also work to develop the necessary tools to meet their potential for excellence in the future both on and off the playing field.

One final area of excellence in educational opportunities at CNG helps highlight our commitment to providing experiential learning opportunities that give students context to their lives, helping them not only to navigate the world but also empowering them to have a positive impact on it through leadership and service. Our Classroom Without Walls (CWW) Program provides students from K4-12 with outdoor experiential learning program intended to give students a broader view of the world and culture around them. The program challenges students to apply what they have been studying in their classroom curriculum and link this to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the form of project-based learning. During their experience students visit different areas in Colombia to learn from different cultures and situations as well as to experience the wide variety of landscapes Colombia has to offer. Our team understands that transitions are a process with the primary goal of supporting the emotional challenges of a transition. As a result, we create safe spaces in which both students and parents can be accepted and valued, and we have school events to ensure everyone feels welcomed. We also have the support of staff who speak different languages and understand different cultures, which adds to the sense of everyone being part of the CNG Family and Community.

On behalf of our entire school community, welcome to CNG! We look forward to providing a great learning experience for your children and a welcoming place to call home for all of your family.