Today Fund

Immediate Project Needs

CNG’S TODAY fund focuses on our most immediate and important needs. We focus on safety, 21st-century space needs and infrastructure.

  • Projected Cost:
    $12 Million USD
  • Progress to Date: 
    $ 1.8 Million USD cash donation
    $ 3.2 Million USD in-kind donation
  • Projected Dates:
    2019 – 2025
  • Projects:
  • 21st-Century Multi-Purpose Cafetorium
  • Innovative Sports Field, Parking and Logistics Center
  • Safety First; Circunvalar Bridge - BUILT!

21st Century Multi-Purpose Cafetorium

Our Challenge: Our current Cafeteria

Our current cafeteria serves lunch daily to 1,300 students and 600 staff members in a time span of 3 hours. It is a one-level construction, space is limited and scheduling highly restrictive.  Good nutrition and eating at the right times are vital in supporting growth and maximizing learning potential, and eating times should not be the primary drivers of the learning program and school day. 

Currently CNG is structuring its K4 - 12th grade academic program around the cafeteria. Our Middle School students begin lunch at 10:40 a.m., and a group of primary students at 2:00 p.m. Several grade levels must currently stop in the middle of their learning activities in order to make their scheduled lunch time.

CNG plays a vital role in preparing and sustaining our students’ potential learning abilities and benefiting their social behavior by supplying physical, innovative, creative spaces as well as a chance to interact with their peers during critical social times within the school day.  

If we want to optimize student learning times and opportunities to access innovative spaces that can enhance their developmental growth, then we must take action now.

Our  Dream: A 21st-Century Multi-Purpose Cafetorium

We envision an expanded 1,691m2 two-level, dynamic, colorful, multi-purpose Cafetorium, with 780 indoor and 66 terrace seats. This innovative space will serve as a dining area with open outdoor spaces as well as a flexible multi-purpose area. This adaptable space can be converted into different learning areas that will host small-group instruction, expanded enrichment programs, larger events, parent and staff gatherings, professional development courses for teachers, and help address specialized learning needs for students. 

We dream of a unique 21st-century learning space that offers multisensory and multivariate experiences for our students, teachers, parents, and alumni.

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Innovative Sports Field, Transportation and Logistics Center

Our Challenge: Space Limitations

Our current physical education program and sports teams confront serious space limitations with the negative impact only increasing.  Over the last five years, CNG has experienced significantly expanded participation across all school levels in Condor Activities and co-curricular sports. Our long-range trends indicate that participation numbers will continue to increase. Our current student participation rates are the following: 16 soccer teams with a total participation of 490 students; 221 students in gymnastics; 275 students in basketball; 222 students in volleyball; and this list only reflects the major sports, not the complete list of sports and activities program.

All teams and sports currently share only 3 athletic areas: 1 soccer field, 1 Elementary Gym, and 1 High School Gym. In fact, 1 soccer team and 1 basketball team have to train at night because no additional areas are available during the day.  When it rains in the afternoon, 8 soccer teams, 4 basketball teams, and 6 volleyball teams must share the High School Gym floor.

Another critical issue at CNG is our lack of parking spaces for teachers and staff, parents and buses. This critical issue also affects our curriculum, athletics and co-curricular activities.

Our Dream: An Innovative Sports Field, Transportation and Logistics Center

Although mainly associated with the CNG pillar of Strengthening the Body, higher levels of fitness are also associated with higher academic achievement. Studies have also shown that students who practice sports have better academic performance and achievement. Aside from promoting personal health and social interaction, increased physical activity teaches discipline and responsibility, teamwork and positive group social skills, effective strategies for managing stress, and provides more opportunities for creative expression. In order to help our students manage more productively their physical and emotional health, and achieve higher levels of learning, we envision a 4-story building with the following:

• At the top level, an UNCOLI – regulation soccer field with locker rooms for students.

• 3-level parking for over 400 cars, plus one level for 38 buses and pick up – drop off.

• Offices for business operations, general services, and transportation.

This additional sports field will provide us the much needed space for all students to strengthen the body and practice their favorite sports and activities.

The construction of this additional sports field will also help CNG solve another critical problem - lack of parking spaces for parents, alumni and visitors.

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What was our Challenge? Security!

More than 1,000 students, 400 parents and staff members enter CNG through the main porteria. They had to cross Avenida Circunvalar, a high-speed traffic road every few minutes. It was dangerous and thus became an immediate matter that CNG had to address and resolve.

OUR DREAM: Safety First!

CNG built a modern bridge with an elevator for the physically challenged, CNG community and neighboring communities that crosses the Circunvalar. This bridge solved our most critical issue: safety for all.


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Today Fund Circunvalar Bridge Timeline | PDF (1.5MB)

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