The Building CNG’s Future Capital Campaign

The Building CNG’s Future Campaign represents a precedent-setting comprehensive capital campaign that will offer numerous opportunities to participate in creating a transforming and lasting legacy for our students, faculty and staff, alumni, and school families.

Our project and plan lay out a set of bold priorities to ensure that CNG remains at the forefront of innovative education in Colombia and across Latin America.

The Building CNG’s Future Campaign has created 3 Funds

TODAY FUND: Immediate Project Needs

Projected Cost: 12 million USD

Projected Dates: 2019 - 2025


  • Safety First, Circunvalar Bridge - BUILT!
  • 21st Century Multi-Purpose Cafetorium
  • Innovative Sports Field, Transportation and Logistics Center

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TOMORROW FUND: Long-Term Project Needs

Projected Cost: 13.5 million USD

Projected Dates: 2029 - 2033


  • Major Renovation and Modernizing of CNG Theater
  • CNG Community Center with Sports Multi-Complex

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FUTURE FUND: Short-Term Project Needs

Projected Cost: 10 million USD

Projected Dates: 2025 - 2029


  • New High School with Gymnasium and Cafeteria
  • Multi-Story Early Childhood and Primary School

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