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Transitioning Into CNG

At CNG, we believe in building an educational environment in which diversity of nationality, race, religion, and individual potential are not only valued but also utilized to enhance the educational experience.


Every school year, we welcome new students, families, and members of the staff into our growing international learning community and strive to support not only the student but also the family into this transition. We believe transitioning into a new country and school is crucial to academic, behavioral, and social/emotional well-being. We believe there are three different phases when transitioning in and out of a school. Therefore, we have divided our efforts into providing support for the pre-arrival, adaptation, and departure stages.

Through our support for families and students, we stand behind our CNG Core Values. We create a safe environment for every single student whether staying, leaving, or arriving into our community. By uniting forces, our teachers, administrative staff, counselors, and families work together to keep the school running smoothly and our students happy, so that they are able to learn and achieve their goals.

We believe in creating a learning community committed to serving a diverse student population and preparing responsible global citizens through an accredited program focused on motivating students to achieve their fullest individual potential.



In order to develop student’s individual potential for excellence, we have a collaborative team composed of administrators for each school, 13 counselors, and parent and student ambassadors who will accompany both the child and the family. Teachers and office staff are ready to answer any questions and help address concerns.

We understand that transitions are a process with the primary goal of supporting the emotional challenges of a transition. Students and families come and go throughout the school year. Our collaborative team ensures year-round access to transition programming. We create safe spaces in which both parents and students can feel heard and we have school events to ensure everyone feels welcomed. We also have the support of staff who speak different languages and understand different cultures.