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The chief goal of the Department of Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities is to extend the mission and vision of CNG beyond the four walls of the classroom.

While direct emphasis is placed on strengthening the body in pursuit of competitive success, we also believe in sport as a vehicle for educating the mind and developing character, so our student-athletes may develop the necessary tools to meet their potential for excellence in the future both on and off the playing field.

CNG athletics has a long tradition of success in both local and national events and competitions. Living the school vision and displaying character on and off the field serves as a key focus of our athletic department spanning kindergarten to high school.

The CNG Athletics program follows a progressive, long-term athletic plan from K5 to Grade 12 that provides students opportunities to excel and experience the joy of athletics at all ages. We aim to ensure that every student has the opportunity to find personal success in athletics and engage in a lifelong active lifestyle. 



  • Commitment to the CNG mission and core values
  • Fitness from early childhood to foster lifelong athletic participation and an active lifestyle
  • Respecting the individuality of each child and providing opportunities for all
  • Success centered on the development of the person and the whole athlete
  • Athletics in a fun, engaging, and challenging atmosphere
  • Participation in multiple activities and sports, limit athletic specialization
  • Providing healthy competitive opportunities without overemphasizing winning

Athletics Libguide