21st Century Learning & Teaching

Mastering 21stCentury skills is essential to student success in a technologically rich and media-driven environment. These skills include utilizing creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication in order to solve opportunities in the present as well as positively impact the future.

Promoting these skills in our students is one way that we seek to develop the individual potential of EACH student, and fulfill our vision of encouraging students to focus on service and leadership “in the world of today for a better tomorrow.”

Developing 21st Century Skills

Students learning in a 21st century way, in front of a green screenUtilizing a “Design Thinking” framework, students are not only encouraged to utilize these 21st Century skills but also to apply foundations of research aligned to learning K-12.

Through the scope and sequence of integrated research, students have the opportunity to graduate with the AP Capstone program. The real-world application of skills in collaboration and communication results in students being able to analyze and develop evidence-based arguments for unique research questions.

Through the process of developing 21st Century skills, CNG students become self-confident, independent thinkers, and problem solvers.

In addition to our innovative curriculum focused on developing 21st-Century skills, CNG provides students with multiple platforms and environments to ensure they are prepared for success in a rapidly changing world.

Social and Emotional Learning

At CNG, we also focus student learning on utilizing character education as well as social and emotional learning. We strive to ensure that our students develop self-awareness along with skills in intercultural competence, desiring our students to be able to include and work with anyone on anything.

Our Creative Learning Spaces

Currently, CNG has created, with the support of families and companies, multiple creative learning spaces including (among other spaces):

  • Global Learning Studio
  • iDesign Lab (PS)
  • MIS - Media Innovation Studio (ES)
  • MakerSpaces and Design Lab (HS)
  • Iragorri Sound Production Room (HS)