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Middle School

Thought leader, John Maxwell, talks about the power of “leading from the middle”.  As a learning community at the middle level, we have embraced this philosophy to mean “leading from the Middle School!”

We ensure that all student-scholars learn and behave in a respectful and responsible environment, with integrity through our Middle School Life Skills Rubrics. Many opportunities to practice these skills occur in the classroom, in advisory, after-school activities, through athletics, and at home through partnering with parents. Essentially, we help grow our Elementary scholars into successful CNG High School citizens - a job we do not take lightly.


We understand that the key to success goes beyond academic learning, which is why our staff use differentiation techniques to address the current needs, talents, and interests of each individual student.

With a variety of interesting electives, our scholars are able to explore a variety of subjects based on their particular interest

Additionally, the CNG Middle School takes a relational approach to serve the entire family. Upon enrollment, Middle School students are paired up with an ambassador (along with new families) and work closely with counselors to curate an ideal schedule for our newcomer. Our counselors also plan a variety of social activities for our international scholars to connect with our existing CNG student body.

All this proves worthwhile upon confirmation, through our annual survey, that our staff and students feel like they belong in our community.

Over 90% of our scholars say they enjoy service as well as school at CNG, and they also have good friends. In addition, we are tremendously proud of our students for consistently scoring above average in our Core Values of Responsibility and Respect.


We believe every child has the maximum potential to achieve their high-level academic and personal goals. Our students show consistent academic improvement on standardized tests and achieve at high levels in our core academic areas.

We make it a priority to ensure that every student has a caring adult at school to advocate and support their learning journey.

The Middle School strives to address the needs of the whole child through academic, advisory, community service, a classroom without walls, and elective programs - as well as ongoing learning innovations.

As Middle Schoolers at CNG, students have access to many exploratory, advanced, and specialized classes that seek to spark the interest or enhance the natural talents of our students.