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Creative Arts

At CNG, we believe in the power of engaging our students in arts education. The fine and performing arts hold tremendous potential for fostering creativity, enhancing communication, improving academic performance, and boosting social-emotional development.


  • Dance (MS/HS)
  • Theater (MS/HS)
  • After-school Musicals and Plays
  • Band (5th - 12th grade)
  • Rock Band (HS)
  • Visual Arts Classes (all grades)
  • Photography (HS)
  • Video Production (HS)
  • Graphic Design (HS)
  • AMIS Honor Music (audition only, MS/HS)


CNG has an art gallery, a theater, a sound recording studio, a band hall, multiple choir spaces, a photography dark room studio, painting and sculpting studios, dance studios, and endless amounts of creative potential. Our Arts teachers are passionate about their work and are dedicated, professional educators. They collaborate to organize performances, art shows, and assemblies that bring our community together. They also work with the Parent-Teacher Association and Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada on a variety of projects. Furthermore, every year the Fine Arts Department celebrates our students' work with an Arts Festival.

Our teaching approach and unique course offerings challenge, provoke, inspire, and affirm students, both individually and collectively.

At CNG, we value students’ growth as individuals and encourage them to explore ideas, emotions, and perspectives about the world around them through the arts.


Our vision also serves to enhance a sense of self-worth and foster interconnectivity and community. CNG understands that the arts humanize us, lift us up, fire our imaginations and talents, and develop important skills and dispositions -- all essential for leading a full life. In school, students will take a variety of classes to engage their creativity, such as music, drama, visual arts, media arts, and dance. Many of our students also explore art outside of CNG by being a part of the UNCOLI festival, visiting museums in Bogota, participating in AMIS honor music festival, and touring Colombia. It is a dynamic and vibrant program -- we are excited for YOU to be a part of it.