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High School


At the CNG High School, students fully live the vision statement of “educating the mind, strengthening the body, and developing character for leadership and service in the world of today for a better tomorrow”.

We continue to believe in fitting the needs and interests of each specific student to give them the particular knowledge and skills they will need to unlock the future of their dreams.


We strive to encourage students to challenge themselves every day to expand their perspectives. Whether in one of the 26 AP courses offered, in the state-of-the-art innovative Maker Space, or in the Comedy and Improvisation drama class, expert teachers inspire students to look beyond their first ideas in order to explore and dissect the previously unknown.

This spirit of intellectual curiosity transcends the classroom, as students produce the school’s literary magazine (Like, Literarily), compete in regional and national Math and Physics Olympiads, support their peers as CNG Heroes, and embrace a myriad of other opportunities to refine the unique lenses through which they view the world.


All High School students work to develop their physical capabilities, understanding that a strong body symbiotically complements a strong mind.

Through physical education classes, as well as organized varsity and junior varsity sports, students enhance their athletic prowess while embracing the notion of collaboration that defines the essence of a team.


Students also stretch their physical limits during the Classroom Without Walls week as they traverse the deserts of La Guajira, trek through the wilds of the Amazon, and ascend the majestic peaks that lead to Machu Picchu.

Our goal is to help our students on their paths to mature into principled individuals who strive to make their community and world a better place.


The High School supports this development through a community-service program that requires the students to complete at least 20 hours of service each year of high school. Additionally, the High School has officially adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as the focus for its advisory program; each year, students carefully study one of these goals in order to create a project that makes an impact at a local or global level.

CNG’s four core values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, and Caring drive the High School’s character development curriculum and serve as touchstones for CNG graduates who contribute positively to making the world a stronger and kinder place.

By the Numbers


Advanced Placement courses offered


USD and $226M COP in student scholarships received over last 5 years


students honored with AP Scholars Awards


acceptance rate at Los Andes in 2023


acceptances to Ivy/Ivy-Plus schools over last 5 years


colleges that accepted our students in 22 countries on 5 continents over last 5 years


of grade 10-12 students enrolled in AP classes


place in Bogota for grade 9-10 Math Olympics in 2023

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