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Technology & Learning Spaces

CNG continues to provide our students and teachers with robust technology and resources, including designing and building innovative learning spaces to support 21st-century skill-building, spark curiosity and creativity, enhance communication, and promote critical thinking.


We provide a personalized student experience through highly qualified teachers and support staff who create a program driven by innovative learning design.

Students use a variety of specialized technology equipment in creative ways to demonstrate their learning. In addition, student teams use technology inside and outside the classroom as they engage in project-based learning.

The thoughtful and intentional use of technology assures differentiation of lesson content and allows each child to fully understand and take charge of their own learning in a way that promotes excellence at CNG. Teachers also prioritize building and nurturing our students’ digital citizenship along the way.

CNG has partnered with top global technology companies -- such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Classlink, Turnitin, Brainpop, IXL, Nearpod, and National Online Safety, among others, to ensure students are benefiting from leading-edge learning tools.
The attributes of a successful CNG graduate, one who is prepared for college and able to thrive as a global citizen, drive our decision-making on how best to empower learners to innovatively solve problems, even problems that do not yet exist.


CNG has created, with the support of families and companies, multiple creative learning spaces including (among other spaces):

  • Global Learning Studio
  • iDesign Lab (PS)
  • MIS - Media Innovation Studio (ES)
  • MakerSpaces and Design Lab (MS & HS)
  • Iragorri Sound Production Room (MS & HS)

We are particularly proud of our new Innovative MakerSpaces across the campus, and the increased use by students and staff of these Design-Thinking/PBL spaces highlights CNG’s dedication and commitment to students and teachers, integrating this thinking process into their learning programs and projects.


We recently announced our next major capital project - a 5-story, cutting-edge innovation center! In order to advance our Visionary Future, we needed more room for Design Thinking, Project-Based Learning, and STEAM across all grade levels. The Innovation Center with 28 creative learning spaces will support 21st-Century skill building –  innovation, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, communication, and critical thinking - as well as exploring, ideating, creating, and dreaming. 


  • Development and adoption of a new Technology and Innovation plan, whereby technology plays a key role for students and their personalized learning plans.
  • Approval of a Professional Development plan supporting staff for their ongoing technology training needs as they enhance personalized learning for every student.
  • Adoption of a $4-million dollar, 5-year Technology & Infrastructure to provide all staff and students with the best technology experience as they progress from kindergarten to graduation.