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Innovation Learning Project

We always dream BIG to create the future of education TODAY, and to this end, CNG embarked several years ago on a bold new endeavor – the Innovation Learning Project.

This major initiative began in partnership with Stanford University’s along with the consortium of NuVuX and MIT’s Design Lab to propel our innovative programs and educational services to the next level. We believe that mastering 21st-century skills is essential to student success in a technology-rich and media-driven environment. These skills include utilizing creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication in order to solve opportunities in the present as well as positively impact the future.

Within the Innovation Learning Project, students are building higher-order skills through a comprehensive approach implemented at all grade levels, where they have the opportunity to utilize Design Thinking frameworks, engage in Project-Based Learning, participate in NuVuX Design Studios, and benefit from the integration of STEM into daily lessons.

Additionally, we are designing and building cutting-edge learning spaces to support 21st-century skill-building, spark curiosity and creativity, enhance communication, and promote critical thinking.

Through the process of developing 21st Century skills, CNG students become self-confident, independent thinkers, and problem solvers.

CNG is the only school in Latin America partnering with Standford's and NuVuX to provide a future-forward education through our Innovation Learning Project.

Creativity, Communication, Innovation, and Leadership Skills 

Whole-Brain Creative Problem Solving and Collaboration

Design-Thinking, PBL, and STEM Workshops and Coaching

Creativity and Innovation Training and Development for Teams


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