Honored Tradition, Visionary Future

Colegio Nueva Granada’s story has always been one of continual innovation and progressive thinking after its founding in 1938 by an international group of visionary people coming together and building a better future for others. This same spirit continues to drive us forward in our quest to provide students with a 21st-century holistic education focused on our Vision Statement of “Educating the Mind, Strengthening the Body, and Developing Character for Leadership and Service in the World of Today for a Better Tomorrow.”

CNG believes that the pursuit of learning innovations for our students should not be something taken into consideration a few years from now but rather an urgent quest for us in order to ensure that tomorrow starts today. If we are truly committed to preparing our students for leadership and service for the world of tomorrow, then bold courses of action must be taken going forward in order to trim our institutional sails for the winds of a changing world to reach our visionary destination beyond the next horizon.

Our school takes great comfort in knowing that we possess a trustworthy compass for setting that courageous future direction of innovation in learning. For many years, our honored traditions have provided us with a true north – an unwavering course set by our unified belief in a holistic program that develops the mind, body, and character of every student. Yet although we will continue to abide by that true north, we must also understand that we are confronting new winds in the world transforming before our eyes.

The past structures and type of schooling currently provided to children will no longer be sufficient to prepare them for the shifting seascape and unknown future that they will soon be inheriting.  For these reasons, CNG has entered the forefront of emerging research and best practices for 21st century learning and innovation in education. The time for thoughtful, purposeful, and bold exploration toward our next destination has clearly arrived . . . and we are ready for the challenge in our expanding partnership with Stanford University’s d.school, MIT’s Design Lab, and a consortium of 14 schools worldwide under the innovative programming and leadership of NuVuX out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. In partnership with these educational pioneers, CNG will be the first school in Latin America working with these three leading institutions, and we have named this new and exciting initiative for tomorrow’s learning as follows -- Project 2025 and it starts today!

The great author and humorist, Mark Twain, in a more serious moment of contemplation, reminds us of the following life lesson:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

These wise words from Twain not only describe the type of motivating and exciting learning experiences that we seek to provide for our CNG students now and into the future but also signify the passageway ahead of us as a school. Across all program areas from Kindergarten to Seniors, we will be exploring the latest research and technologies for advancing both academic programs and organizational innovations. By taking this approach in recalibrating our current work teams to align purpose with structure, we fully believe in our expanded institutional capability to supersede any challenge ahead.

As a CNG community, we are a people of hope, a people of dreams, and a people of action and innovation. We have demonstrated these qualities and characteristics for over 80 years, and the dynamically changing world of today now demands that we leverage our past experiences to reach even higher levels of innovation, student learning, and performance. Armed with our Visionary compass that provides us with a true north and our Missional sextant that compels us to seek new and better destinations to help our students achieve their individual potential for excellence, we are already beginning the process of boldly set our course for the next horizon and then beyond. The time has come to set sail on this great adventure – CNG’s innovative “Project 2025” will lead us to those new destinations!