When subscribing the contract, parents must indicate the permanent address where the child must be picked up and dropped off. However, when students that use the transportation service need to go places different from the permanent address, parents must fill out the form for a One-Day Bus/Gate Request Form (see below) and send it with their child to the school office before mid-day. 
The students will be authorized depending on bus space availability and if so will be issued the required pass. 

The school does not provide bus service for private parties or social events. 

Permanent Bus and Gate Passes are issued by the respective school's office using the Permanent Gate/Bus format.

The school will offer transportation tickets at $8,000 per trip (available at the Transportation Office) to students who do not use the transportation service or who have the ‘half service option’ and require transportation or routes other than their own. The bus monitors keep a current list of the users for proper control.
If you need to change the pick up or drop off address of your child using CNG’s bus service, you must send a written notification to the Transportation Office. The change will be effective 24 hours after the notification has been received.

Bus rules have been established for the safety of the passengers. They are posted in all the buses. Students are expected to behave at all times in a responsible manner. Students who do not follow bus rules may be suspended from the bus.

-Be on time at your bus stop, the bus cannot wait.
-Obey the driver and monitor at all times.
-Be respectful. Do not use foul language.
-Upon entering the bus, please sit promptly and remain seated, looking forward, throughout the bus route.
-Share your seat with other passengers.
-Do not eat or drink while on the bus.
-Do not leave litter on the bus.
-Windows can only be opened one-third of the way down.
-Please do not put any part of your body out the window.
-Do not scream or throw objects out the window.
-Avoid speaking loudly and distracting the driver.
-Respect school property, do not vandalize or damage the bus.
-If the bus is not yet parked at its assigned space in the school parking lot, please remain behind the gray line, and wait for the bus to arrive.
-Do not run after the bus. Once the buses are moving, no one will be allowed to board the bus, drivers have been instructed not to stop.
-Students must have written authorization (Bus pass) from their school office, in order to ride a bus other than their regular route.

1st incident: Verbal warning
2nd incident: Written warning
3rd incident: One (1) day suspension from bus
4th incident: One (1) week (5 school days) suspension from the bus 
5th incident: Indefinite suspension


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