CNG’s College and Career Counseling program’s mission is to help students set realistic goals in both career and college choices based on an honest and thorough evaluation of each student's aptitudes, interests, and values. Through various activities, students are exposed to the different opportunities available to them and guided through their college application process to find the optimum “fit” or “match”. There are three full time counselors who work with High School students helping them choose possible careers and guide them through the university application process, both locally and abroad.

9th grade: Awareness.

Our freshmen are encouraged to start attending college fairs in order to become aware of the universities that they might be interested in and the careers that they have the chance to consider. The Computer and Careers class and the Personal Development and Relationships class (PDR) are both offered at this grade level to start guiding our students towards their future. At this age students are encouraged to start meeting with their college counselor to plan their High School academic journey.

10th grade: Exploration

Sophomores all have the opportunity to take the PSAT exam as well as prepare for it beforehand in their english and math classes. The results of this exam are later explained by college counselors to give students a general idea of their strengths and what they should focus on moving forward in their High School journey. Students are encouraged to keep building their academic portfolio and start looking into summer courses in order to get to know universities they might later be interested in for a longer term.

11th grade: Growth

Our juniors have the opportunity to attend various video conferences on the application process. Additionally they get the chance to talk to various representatives of abroad universities which will visit our campus. Visits to local universities are provided by CNG throughout the school year as well as pre-college courses with the Universidad del Rosario and Universidad de la Sabana. At this grade level students take a variety of aptitude tests to finish understanding their strengths and interests and they are encouraged to start taking the SAT, TOEFL, and ACT tests if applicable to their application process. All Bachillerato Program students are enrolled for the PRE-SABER (ICFES) test to better prepare them for their official ICFES at the end of senior year.

12th grade: The Application Process

Seniors are guided through their college application process from start to finish. CNG offers essay writing workshops as well as interview workshops for any students interested in receiving additional support in their applications. All our seniors are informed of the scholarship options available to them and are given any and all support necessary in their pursuit.

Please see below for upcoming university visits, college counseling activities and testing dates.

Teacher recommenders: Click here. Download; fill out, print, sign. Send two copies, one electronic and a hard copy to Julieth Cordero at the College Counseling Office.

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